Dillon Crippen


Exploring the PNW and beyond one weekend at a time. Follow along with my adventures on Instagram @bigdmo

About CD Originals:

CD Originals was originally created as a passion project, merging my love for the outdoors with my career as a graphic designer. In 2015, two years after starting a company with my little sister, I created my first Pacific Northwest inspired designs. With a strong, positive reaction from friends, family, and colleagues, I decided to begin creating what would be the building blocks for what CD OG is today.

Beginning with just vinyl decals, CD Originals grew organically and now includes apparel like shirts, hats, and much more. My initial vision for the brand did not foresee the growth that occurred and in 2018 I made the difficult but necessary decision to branch away from the company my sister and I created and put my full effort into the brand.

As a brand, CD Originals stands for several ideals I hold very closely to my heart. My goal has always been to create affordable, stylish, and high quality goods made to be worn anywhere your adventures take you. A lot of research has gone into curating the garments I print on to ensure long lasting quality that sets my brand apart. Ensuring originality with my designs is also a hallmark (duh, it’s in the name).

CD Originals also believes in creating a safe and inclusive outdoors that everyone can enjoy. This does not happen without using my platform to call attention to injustice as well as acknowledging the history that has put these systems into place. I am unwavering on this belief.

About Me:

My name is Dillon Crippen and I am the founder of CD Originals Clothing Company. I am a proud graduate of the University of Oregon, an avid sports fan, and a frequent explorer of the Pacific Northwest. When I’m not slinging merch you’ll probably find me somewhere outside.

Growing up in Oregon taught me to hold a special place in my heart for the beauty of the natural world. With such easy access to the outdoors, its no wonder a lot of my favorite childhood memories include trips to the beach, romping around my grandma’s property in the forest, and hikes up the local butte.

My love for the outdoors is permanently engrained in my being and I feel so lucky to be able to focus this passion into something I get to call a career. I will forever be grateful to those who have encouraged me, uplifted me, and supported my brand while I chase this crazy dream.