Our Story

Alex and I were both born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. Some of our earliest memories include day trips to the beach, weekend vacations to our grandparents’ house in Azalea, and RV trips to the Trees of Mystery. We were lucky enough not only to grow up in the Pacific Northwest, but to grow up in a family that encouraged the exploration of some of the most beautiful areas the region has to offer.


As we got older our hobbies started to mold who we have become today. Alex  really enjoyed horseback riding which included countless weekend horse shows, while I took up videography, starting my first small business offering video editing services. By the time I reached my teen years, I was proficient in Window’s Movie Maker and started to dabble in Adobe Photoshop. In high school I started focusing more on photo editing and graphic design, while at the same time Alex began her own small business offering professional equine photography and videography.


After the two of us worked independently taking on freelance jobs in photo, video, and graphic design we decided to officially join forces in 2013, creating Crippen Design. Instead of clashing like most siblings might, we found that our differences make us better, allowing us to offer a broad range of services and provide our clients with different angles on design and content.


In May of 2015, we created CD Originals, finally merging our passions for the outdoors, the Pacific Northwest, and graphic design. What began as a small side project quickly blossomed into a full time gig as demand grew from fellow PNW lovers seeking quality, affordable, and attractive Northwest gear. We have been overwhelmed by the support this brand has received since it’s creation and we look forward to doing this for a long, long time. We make sure we are proud to put our name on every item that leaves our shop. Getting to share our love for the Pacific Northwest and spread passion for the outdoors is an incredible feeling and we couldn’t be happier to get to turn it into a career.


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about where we come from,

Dillon Crippen

Co-Owner Crippen Design/CD Originals